Online Games Market Overview

It looks like the online games market is still getting bigger and bigger. Having twice the players the console games market is having. In 2006 the free flash games industry revenue was 1.1 billion and it was expected that by 2010 it would reach 4.4 billion. But now it’s expected that it will hit 15 billion $. This gigantic growth and the fact that the majority ( about 60% ) of the players are around the age of 30 and are seeking entertainment while at work, makes the online games industry very stable. Believe it or not the online games are responsible for 40% of the WHOLE internet traffic. Even if someone is controlling about 0.1% of the flash games market these 0.1% would still mean a couple of thousand visitors.

All that said it’s clear that it’s not only giant but also a very competitive market. If you’re thinking of starting a online games website you should have a substantial knowledge on SEO ( search engine optimization ). Almost every web developing or web hosting company is offering you to SEO your site. It won’t work! SEO is not a overnight process it needs months of consistent work and i suppose the only way is to take your time and learn how to do it on your own and then gradually break through the competition. A number of sites are offering you to teach you about SEO.

When it’s all considered you will understand that the online games market is VERY promising and is offering great revenues, But it’s just too competitive.

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